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Renex Power Solutions and Inverter Shop Vennikulam

Renex Power Solutions Products and ServiceInverters,, Tubular Battery, Solar panels, Solar wate...

  • For Home, Company, any other type of Establishment, Inverter, Solar Water Heater, CCTV, Solar plant, Etc. Works as per Customer's Budget from Branded Companies (CCTV, Battery and Inverter, Solar water heater, Solar system, On-Grid, Off-Grid Solar unit and are Being Done Everywhere in Kerala with Responsibility Are you not able to bear the Power cut, and you are not Knowing what to do with the Electricity bill, then don't worry, if you have Power in your Hand, it will be a Different Experience
  • No need to Purchase panel, Inverter, Battery Etc., and Separate services anymore, All Under one Roof, After Installation and Installation of panel, Inverter, Battery, After Sales and Service are Provided, Now you can Save and Don't worry about Running out of Electricity Why Confusion of Branded Companies Anymore Doesn't Renex Power Solutions Provide Solar Simply
  • Selling Branded Companies Inverters, Tubular Battery, Solar Panels, Solar Water Heaters, CCTV, Vehicle Battery, On Grid & Off Grid Solar Units, Battery Water for 15 Years
Thiruvalla, Vennikulam Po. Near Medical Center, Pathanamthitta District, Kerala, Pin-689544